How to kick off using clean beauty products

Beauty products are made to enhance your outward appearance. Many conventional beauty products are made using different types of contents from various substances. But some beauty products are made with ingredients that can cause harm to your skin.

Clean beauty products are made with the human skin in consideration, and no harmful chemicals are used. Be it a shower gel, lip color, or a youth-boosting super serum for glowing skin, all these beauty products are harmless on your body and sensitive skin.

Shifting from conventional beauty products can be challenging for your skin. Going through the ingredients and comparing them with your everyday beauty items is difficult. But before you shift, you should find out some of the ingredients you feel pose less risk to your skin.

In the US, only 30 toxic compounds are banned in the cosmetic industry. But all along, the clean products industry is continuously growing for everyone to get what is best for their skin and body and at the same time remain clean and fresh.

Here are some of the clean items you can start with:

  • Deodorant: many of the usual deodorants available in the market are antiperspirant; in contrast, your body was meant to sweat for it to release toxins and cool off. Antiperspirants are usually made using aluminum zirconium. The metal, according to WHO, has so far been linked to causing breast cancer. Clean deodorant products likewise use important oils, baking soda, clays, and many other non-toxic compounds to serve the same purpose as conventional deodorants. It will only take you a few days to adapt to clean products.
  • Cleansers: typical body washes and facial cleansers contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). The chemical compounds that makes cleansers foamy. However, the foamy nature of the cleanser has no use on your body. Furthermore, the SLS ingredient can cause skin irritation when used continuously.
    Since many people use body and facial cleansers every day, making a switch to clean beauty products is the way to go.
  • Moisturizers: Many manufacturers, to cut costs, use cheap ingredients that generally act as fillers on the final product. Some fillers added are petroleum products, preservatives, and synthetic emulsifiers. All of these products can cause skin problems under continuous use. These products should not be used on sensitive skin like babies and children because of their harmful effects.

Let’s embrace clean products as an alternative that are made from nourishing ingredients readily available from the earth. Just like the deodorant, cleansers, and moisturizers, these are some of the best clean beauty products you can start with before you make a complete shift.

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