Health Programs to Host in Your Community

Health Programs to Host in Your Community

Community-based programs play a key role in keeping people safe. It improves the lives of people in the neighborhood and helps promote healthy habits. As much as possible, communities should provide health programs to bridge the gap between people of different races and economic statuses. For your next activity, consider doing these health projects.

Oral health checkups

Statistics show that a quarter of American adults have untreated dental problems. Oral health is one thing that people don’t take seriously but worry about it as an adult. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that poor oral health accumulates. Many adults start to experience the effects of their neglect when they are older. What’s worse than that is that dental care can be expensive and is often not covered by your regular insurance.

Ideally, you should have dental checkups twice a year or every six months. However, not many can or can afford to do that. That’s why it would be great to host a free oral checkup in your community. This benefits not just adults but also the kids in the community. A local dentist would be glad that you are helping them promote good oral care.

You can also do something small-scale such as educating the children in the community by hosting seminars. Ask a good dentist to be the speaker. They will show them how to brush properly and floss their teeth, what food is bad for their teeth, and what happens if they don’t brush regularly. It can be done in your local schools as well.

Health checks for seniors

Now more than ever, it is important for senior citizens to worry about their health. Many older adults live alone, and they may not always have the means to get to their checkups. Some of them may even forget to do so. As a community, you can help by bringing the checkups to them instead.

There are a lot of older adults in America that have a harder time traveling to the hospital. Since some do not have family living with them, something close to their homes will greatly benefit them. It doesn’t have to be a regular thing; even once a year is fine. You can go door-to-door to ask if they would like it done in their home, or you can set up a fixed location within the neighborhood.

A routine checkup doesn’t have to be too complicated. At the very least, they need their blood pressure tested. Vision and hearing tests are also important for aging adults. A temperature check is also a good idea as it can also help identify potential signs of COVID-19.

Nutrition seminars

Around 46 percent of adults in the United States have poor nutrition, and the number goes up to 56 percent in children. This is an alarming number of Americans that have unhealthy or bad diets. It is an issue that should be addressed with proper education.

You cannot deny that a lot of people eat too much takeout and junk food. There is a universal understanding that these are not good for you, but many do not realize just how bad their effects could be. Since they do not feel an immediate problem, they assume that everything is alright. That is why seminars on nutrition are a great health program to have. You can bring in medical experts that show the effects of processed food and high calories on people’s organs or how this can affect them in the future.

Another thing that you can add to this is tips for getting a balanced diet. Some people don’t know how to make healthier meals or make healthy eating fit their budget. Additional seminars on this can be a huge help, especially for the struggling families in the community. It also shows that you are sensitive and aware of the problems people face, rather than just being patronizing.

Mental health

A major problem that plagues both the young and old are mental health disorders. There was a time that seeking mental health assistance is considered taboo. As a result, many adults grew up not knowing anything about it and ignoring the warning signs. Planning an awareness day for mental health will help them become more informed.

Educating them on the signs is important because it can encourage them to seek help. Many symptoms are often dismissed as just being superficial complaints, so letting them know that it is an actual medical condition will dispel this mindset. Some might even seek help looking for a therapist for themselves.

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