9 Types Of Self-Deceptions That Are Dangerous To Health

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Self-deception is denying or not accepting the relevance or importance of some logical argument or truth. Living in self-deception can harm your physical as well as mental health. In this article, we will help you know which types of self-deception can harm your health. Table of Contents Which Self-Deceptive Thoughts […]

9 Types Of Self-Deceptions That Are Dangerous To Health

Self-deception is denying or not accepting the relevance or importance of some logical argument or truth. Living in self-deception can harm your physical as well as mental health. In this article, we will help you know which types of self-deception can harm your health.

Which Self-Deceptive Thoughts Harm Your Health?

Following are the examples of how we deceive ourselves and put our own health in jeopardy.

  • If You Are Not Overweight, You Can Eat Anything

This is really not true; you cannot eat whatever you want if you just look thin. Sixty-four percent of men are naturally low in body fat and appear thin regardless of diet, but they are still in danger. This same genetic type is associated with dangerous amounts of visceral (internal) fat.  

According to a report from the Harvard Institute for Age Research, visceral fat forms around internal organs, including the heart, if we don’t pay attention to what we eat. Besides, visceral fat can cause heart diseases and harm other vital organs. So you should control the percentage of body fat, especially after 40 years.

  • If You Don’t Drink Alcohol All Week, Drink A Lot On Weekend 

Scientists at the University of Texas for 20 years have observed drinking middle-aged Texans. They found that those who drink alcohol excessively once a month die twice as often as those who drink a little but constantly. Another recent study found a link between drunkenness at a young age and chemical abnormalities in the brain in adulthood. 

Thus, it does not matter whether you drink alcohol little or excessively; its consumption or addiction can literally kill you. It means you need to abandon drinking alcohol, and for this, you can take assistance from rehabs. Besides, Texas rehabilitation centers are ideal options for Texans who want to stop deceiving themselves and want a sober life.

  • If You Have Healthy Lunch, Eat Anything At Dinner

Researchers at Northwestern University have called this psychological phenomenon the “resolving effect.” It has been noticed that many who regularly attend the gym and eat right, with the onset of the evening, go over to the evil side and devour cheeseburgers.

This situation is similar to how alcoholics pounce on alcohol after a month of abstinence. But this approach is totally wrong; you really need to be careful of what you eat at night. Ideally, it must be something light and filling, so avoid high-carb food as it will disrupt your sleep

  • If You Wear A Mask, You Will Not Get Flu

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. A hospital mask can protect you if someone with the flu sneezes or coughs in your immediate vicinity. But virus particles can still get onto your hands – for example, from the handrails of public transport or even through money. So wearing a mask does not hundred percent guarantee that you won’t catch the virus. But it surely reduces the risk of getting sick or catching the flu.

  • If You Smoke Sometimes, You Are Not At Risk

In fact, about one-fifth of all smokers smoke less than once a day. But even those who indulge in tobacco only on weekends suffer from deterioration of arterial function for the rest of the week, according to a study at the University of Georgia. Perhaps, for this reason, social smokers suffer from cardiovascular disease as much as heavy smokers, according to a study published in the journal Circulation.

  • If You Have High Temperature, You Are Not Contagious

In fact, an elevated temperature only indicates that your body is actively fighting aggressive viruses. But even when it passes, you remain a carrier of the virus for some time and can transmit it to others. So stay in bed, do not overload your heart, which is already not easy, and temporarily limit communication.

  • If You Sleep For 6 Hours, It Is Enough

Many people make you believe that 5-6 hours a day is a normal dose of sleep, but this is not true. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania told the world that people who slept six hours a day for two weeks passed memory and reaction tests as badly as those who did not sleep all night before the test. 

And the link between sleep deficit and obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer risk has long been proven. It is necessary to sleep at least eight hours a day, according to research.

  • From Time To Time, You Can Drink Sweet Soda

Despite the abundant evidence that a cup or two of black coffee a day can reduce the risk of diabetes and improve brain function, thousands of people are convinced of the harmful effects of caffeine. 

The same is the case with sweet soda or carbonated drinks. In fact, one can of cola a day – whether dietary or regular – is an absolute evil, as it increases the risk of heart disease by 43 percent.

  • If You Get The Flu After Vaccine, You Will Get Sick

This is not true, so stop believing in it and deceiving yourself. If you get flu after a few days of vaccination, it may be a response to the vaccine. But in no case, it means that you will get sick and that vaccine was ineffective. On the contrary, it is at the time of this flu that the body forms antibodies to the virus, which will help us stay healthy during the epidemic.

Take Away

We mentioned the most common misconceptions people have regarding their health and lifestyle. It is high time that you stop believing in them and look after yourself. Otherwise, believing such false statements would really harm your health in the longer run. Besides, when it comes to health, you should not deceive yourself and trust what doctors say. So stay safe and be alert!

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